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Under all circumstances, at all locations

Under all circumstances, at all locations



Dear Sir/Madam,

During the battle against cancer, patients and family experience feelings of desperation and helplessness. Trying to fight the disease can seem pointless. Unfortunately, cancer is extremely wide spread, which means that almost everyone knows someone who has had to deal with this awful illness. The Alpe d'Huez foundation has been set up in order to transform the feelings of helplessness and despair caused by cancer into a positive fighting force. Since 2006 people have been conquering the mountain, with the motto "giving up is not an option". Thanks to the foundation and the participants it has been possible to fund research and study about this disease, which as a consequently, helps improve the life of patients and their family!! On June 5 2014, Team Airpack will try to climb the infamous mountain as many times is possible. Our team is made up of six experienced cyclists, who, by participating, will collect as much money as possible for the Alpe d'Huez foundation. To achieve this goal we need your help!! We need sponsors!!

What happens with the sponsor fund:
Since the first cycling event in 2006, the Alpe d'Huez foundation has raised more than 100 million euro. With this money we can finance research, projects and services that are relevant to the mission: To inspire, and to make it possible for people with cancer to live well, be happy and healthy.

Can we count on you?
We are taking part in this amazing event and ask you to be a sponsor. Whilst making your decision, we ask you to think with your heart; After all, life is too beautiful to end prematurely. For this reason we are going to conquer the Alpe d'Huez! Pain will not register, exhaustion will be ignored, and the memories of our loved ones and the belief and hope for survival will strengthen. Think with an open heart, be brash, break from the norm and sponsor as generously as possible.
As well as the feeling that you have done something for the good of others, as sponsor, you will receive:

  1. For every sponsorship : Name/Logo on the website

  2. Donations of 250 euro: Name/Logo on our banner (The banner will hang outside the company until the end of April and then it will go to the Alpe d'Huez.)

  3. Donations of 500 euro: Name/Logo on our cycling shirts.
  4. Donations of 750 euro: Name/Logo on our banner, cycling shirts and noted as head sponsor on our website.

We will not stop trying to collect sponsorship money, please continue donating!! Would you like to sponsor us? If so, please fill in the reply form and send it to us return post. You will then receive a bill from us for the amount of your donation.

Yours Faithfully :
Team Airpack; Carly, Jecky, Andy, Aad, Hans en Ellen.

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