Core business
The core business of Airpack is manufacturing custom made, turn-key compressor, dryer and nitrogen generators installations for the oil & gas industry around the world. We design, engineer and build all of our packages according to the requirements of the customer within our facilities in Zierikzee from which each package is accordingly transported by sea, truck, train or plane to its final destination.

A complete package
Airpack packages, whether a compressor, dryer or nitrogen installation are all completely interconnected, cabled, programmed and tested within our workshop and are ready to operate upon arrival at site. This turn-key philosophy has been the strength of Airpack since the start of the company and significantly reduces expensive commissioning time in the field.

One package, one responsible supplier
As Airpack is an independent manufacturer with all the needed expertise within its facilities we are free to cooperate with any sub-supplier. This high level of customization creates a package that is completely according to the customers' requirements and is designed just right for the application. As we guarantee the high quality of each of our packages Airpack takes the warranty of the entire installation, giving the customer one responsible supplier for the entire package.

Build to last
Because Airpack packages are completely designed and build according to the given specifications, our client can be assured of the required performance and durability. The custom design allows us to make the installations operate flawlessly within the harsh conditions of a petrochemical facility. Whether it is a desert, arctic, elevated or earthquake sensitive environment, Airpack always has the right solution.