Recently completed

Airpack has manufactured over 5000 packages worldwide since 1978. Below are our latest references.

Airpack reference:  17039-COM
Type: Compressor Package
Project name: Supply and commissioning of two screw air compressors for kerosene merox unit at JPRC site, Zarka, Jordan
End-user: JPRC (Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company)
Location: Jordan
Airpack reference:  15897-COM
Type: Instrument air package
Project name: Darat Gas Development Project
End-user: Shell Brunei (BSP)
Location: Brunei
Airpack reference:  15515-COM
Type: Compressor and Dryer Package
Project name: New Water Centre Project
End-user: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
Location: Kuwait
Airpack reference:  17162-GEN
Type: Instrument Air & Nitrogen Package
Project name: Jurassic Production Facilities (JPF) at West Raudhatain Project
End-user: KOC
Location: Kuwait
Airpack reference:  15910-GEN
Type: Nitrogen generator
Project name: BRT facilities project
End-user: Exxon Mobil
Location: Nigeria
Airpack reference:  13831-COM
Type: Compressor, Dryer, Nitrogen generator and Booster Package
Project name: Gas Compression & Reinjection Station of ZCINA Hassi Messaoud Project
End-user: Sonatrach
Location: Algeria
Airpack reference:  13615-COM
Type: Compressor and Dryer Package
Project name: SHG and SCA Platform Project
End-user: ONGC
Location: India
Airpack reference:  13091-GEN
Type: Nitrogen Generation Package
Project name: Egina (FPSO) Project
End-user: Total
Location: Nigeria
Airpack reference:  15334-COM
Type: Compressor and Dryer Package
Project name: South Pars Gas Field Development (Phases 20 & 21) Project
End-user: National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
Location: Iran
Airpack reference:  13767-COM
Type: Compressor & Dryer Package
Project name: Taweelah Receiving Facility (TRF) Project
End-user: Dolphin Energy
Location: UAE