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Airpack has manufactured over 5000 packages worldwide since 1978. Below are our latest references.

Airpack reference:  13845-GEN
Type: Oil Flooded Screw Air Compressor, Dryer and Nitrogen Generator package
Project name: Pilot trial of self-contained, mobile nitrogen generating system.
End-user: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
Location: Kuwait
Airpack reference:  13617-GEN
Type: three (3) oil flooded, air cooled, rotary screw compressors.Two (2) heatless regenerating adsorption dryers.Two (2) sets of nitrogen membranes generators.
Project name: Murmul ASP Pilot Project
End-user: Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO)
Location: Oman
Airpack reference:  13506-DRY
Type: Dryer package
Project name: Engineering Services for Debottlenecking of Nitrogen System - USSC Project
End-user: Abu Dhabi Operating Company (ADMA OPCO)
Location: United Arab Emirates
Airpack reference:  13799-COM
Type: Nitrogen Booster Compressor package
Project name: Grease Project
End-user: Shell Saraya
Location: Singapore